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heavens_kitchen's Journal

Bonnie Pink fans
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Welcome to heavens_kitchen. We're just a small community devoted to the beautiful and talented Japanese musician, Bonnie Pink. As is true in most cases, we have a few rules to try and make things as fun and friendly for everyone as possible:
Show respect for the artist. If you don't like her, then why are you even in this community to begin with?
Show respect for your fellow fans. This means that if you disagree with someone on a point, attack the argument and not them. It also means crediting for icons/graphics/translations/wallpapers/etc. if the person who posted them has requested it.
If you're posting an image over 300 pixels wide, or are posting more than 3 smaller images, please use an lj-cut to do so.
Sharing songs/PVs/images/fictions of the artist is what this community is all about, but keep content in mind. Please friends-lock anything that may contain mature content and add a warning.

Yeah, that's about it. Pretty simple, huh?

official site

A Jumble of Blue Jam

RE*PiNK (French)

TAKE ME IN (Korean)

Bonnie's Cafe(Engrish? Japanese?)

Bonnie Pink (Japanese)

Bonnie Pink Plus(Japanese)

Little Comfort

B*P Union(Japanese)

Bonnie net(Japanese?)

Project J

And, somewhere far away in the distance, you'll see me, the friendly neighbourhood mod. I'm nutmeg (lirimaer) and I'm more than happy to help you out in any way I can. Or even just to chat.
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