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New album: Dear Diary

Looks like Bonnie Pink will have a new album coming out in October! And it will have Morning Glory and Is This Love?, her 2 iTunes exclusive singles, on it, too.

Here's some more info at her official website.

Track list:

(parentheses stuff is added by me, most of these song titles are in English, but I tried to kinda translate those that weren't)

01.Is This Love? [LION Ban CMソング]
02.Morning Glory [フジテレビ系「めざにゅ~」テーマソング(2009.09~2010.03 O.A]
03.Cookie Flavor
04.スキKILLER (Suki KILLER or probably "Love Killer")
06.Find a Way
07.Home Sweet Home
08.Many Moons Ago
09.World Peace
10.Birthday Girl
11.Here I Am
12.カイト(Kaito or "Kite")
14.流れ星 (Nagareboshi or "Shooting Star")
produced by Tore Johansson
15.ナミナミ (Naminami which might mean "Ordinary", but I'm uncertain since it's in katakana instead of hiragana or kanji. Not sure if it has a different meaning)

Oh, and apparently the single for カイト will be out September 22nd and it looks like that one will actually be on disc and not an iTunes exclusive thing so look for that, too. :)

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